Dallas Dance requests more information on union grievance

November 22, 2013|By Liz Bowie | By Liz Bowie

Baltimore County School Superintendent Dallas Dance said Friday that he has asked for more information from the teachers union after reading the grievance it filed earlier this week.

Dance said he has reviewed the grievance, filed on behalf of the county's 8,700 teachers, and talked to the teachers union president, Abby Beytin, a month ago about the concerns teachers have over the amount of work they have been expected to do outside of their regular workday. Teachers have said that the curriculum based on the Common Core standards, introduced this year in the county, has been plagued with problems and produced additional work for teachers.

The grievance, Dance said, is a one-page document that lists the sections of the union contract that the Teachers Association of Baltimore County believes have been violated, but it does not  give Dance any other information.

"I need to  have some examples, some specificity, so that we can move forward," Dance said.

Dance  has said he understands that the union did not sign onto the new education intiatives, as he had indicated earlier in the week.

The agreements were made after Dance joined the school district as the superintendent.

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