County purchase of Verona would not affect who lives there [Letter]

November 21, 2013

Regarding Kay Wisniewski's letter Nov. 7, "More subsidized housing will put 'unfair burden on schools,' " what Ms. Wisniewski fails to understand is that the people whom the county is targeting already live in the Verona. They are the working people in Columbia, people with jobs, with dreams, with aspirations, to live in a great community with good schools, and the county's purchase of the complex will not increase their population, but prevent them from being displaced.

The Washington Post had an interesting article recently about certain ZIP codes, like Clarksville, which were exclusively affluent and very homogenous. One of the many things I love about Columbia is its integration of people from all different wage scales into one city, as James Rouse envisioned.

One last note: please don't use the term "subsidized housing" when referring to affordable housing. By far, by hundreds of billions of dollars, the biggest subsidized housing program in the U.S. is the mortgage interest deduction, so many of us homeowners, probably including Ms. Wisniewski herself, already live in "subsidized housing."

Steve Sprecher

Harpers Choice

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