In defense of pit bulls [Letter]

November 21, 2013

Thanks for publishing Joan Cornett's letter on responsible dog ownership ("Hold people responsible for dog attacks," Nov. 18). It is refreshing to see a paper publish both sides of an argument.

I am a pug owner, but I love all dogs and hate to see specific breeds condemned simply because of incidents that might not always be reported with certainty. I understand that there have been terrible injuries and deaths caused by pit bulls, but there have been similar incidents involving other breeds as well.

I have never been hurt or even frightened by a pit bull, but I have been bitten by a German shepherd, watched a chow take a hunk out of a man's thigh, been growled at by a chocolate lab and a Shih Tzu and badly frightened by a nasty Pomeranian.

The pit bull haters who write to the paper see themselves as experts. But the fact is that they refuse to listen the experts. I won't say they are wrong, but they certainly pick and choose what suits them to support their cause.

Judi Poll

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