Stop the rollercoaster ride of wedding planning

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November 21, 2013|By Jamie Bacon, For The Baltimore Sun

Wedding planning is such a rollercoaster ride.

I've found there is a lot to do all at once, and then there's a waiting time where there is little to do, but before you know it there is a lot to do again again.

In order to keep myself from getting too stressed out right before the wedding, my mom and I are trying to stay on top of things. I think it’s important to set goals and deadlines for when you want things done by. That way it actually gets taken care of and not pushed to the side. For instance, my mom wants Keith and I to work on picking out our invitations by the end of the year. Invitations don’t typically go out until 2 or 3 months before the wedding, but this way we won't be rushing the decision. Other things I’m starting to think about are the variety of music we are going to want the band to play, different pictures we want to make sure the photographer gets and seating arrangements. 

These things don’t need to be done for a while but it doesn’t hurt to think about them and talk about them. That way when the time comes, it will be a little less stressful. I want all the difficult decisions out of the way early -- that way we can relax and enjoy the different events leading up to the wedding. 

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