Don't destroy Hereford High's cross country course [Letter]

November 20, 2013

Tens of thousands of kids have run races on Hereford High School's cross country course, one of the most well-known in the Mid-Atlantic region and one on which many are proud to say that they have competed there.

Unfortunately, the course it being ruined by the renovations with little or no thought to preserving it.

With big meets, like the Bull Run or the state championships, large starting areas are needed for the large fields of runners. Now on the hillside where the runners come through at the start, there is a large gradually sloping road with 10-12 feet of fill dirt blocking the way.

This has been done to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act access requirements for the baseball field. In speaking with a person who works at the school, only a few people since 1995 were seen at the field  in wheel chairs. I

While it's a fine thing to make areas accessible to all, can't some common sense prevail?  A Gator utility vehicles is owned by the school that could be made available at any time to aid those in need of help getting to the field.  

It would cost almost nothing and I believe would be a much less destructive way to accomplish the goal of easy access.  When are we, as citizens, going to tell the federal government and their expensive mandates, enough is enough?  Let us start now and get rid of the monstrosity on the hillside, take away the fill dirt and restore our course, the site of the largest high school sporting events in the state.

Dave Cornwell

White Hall

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