Anthony Brown's dirty tricks par for the Md. Democrats' course [Letter]

November 19, 2013

After reading The Sun's "Tracking on the campaign trail" (Nov. 16), I must congratulate this paper for (however inadvertently) exposing the indecency of the Democratic Party in Maryland — as if it needed further exposure.

But the Democrats are again up to their dirty tricks, and it's no surprise. After all, they're ... well, Democrats, and Maryland Democrats are well-noted for their sleazy behavior. But to stalk a man's family and photograph his wife and children? That's going too far. And for that, creeps such as Jeff Moring should be ashamed. But, then again, he's a Democrat — and there's no low that's too low for a Democrat.

Unfortunately, those invested with the authority to investigate such harassment and stalking are beholden to the state's Democratic Party bosses. Thus, no matter what laws — if any — may have been violated, the violators are no doubt content in the knowledge that, as Democrats themselves, they'll never be investigated, let alone prosecuted.

Mr. Gansler should be proud that — unlike our low-life Dems — he has the decency and integrity to eschew such vulgar political dirty tricks.

Thank you, Mr. Gansler. And shame on you Mr. Brown — you're truly a disgrace.

Les Paradise, Baltimore

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