Mark Turgeon disappointed with Terps' 1-2 start

November 18, 2013|By Don Markus, The Baltimore Sun

I was curious what Maryland coach Mark Turgeon was going to say with a day to reflect on Sunday's 90-83 loss to Oregon State at Comcast Center.

Since Turgeon is not scheduled to talk with the media until Tuesday morning, I tuned in his weekly radio show to listen.

Here were some of his observations:

On his team's 1-2 start

"It's not the way we wanted to start the season obviously, but we played a really good UConn team and came up one point short and last night we really didn't play well. Just  disappointed. There wasn't anything Oregon State did that we didn't walk through or go through. We knew exactly what they were going to do. We just didn't do a good job guarding I'm upset that we lost, but I'm doubly upset that I can't get my kids to play the right way. That hurts me."

On losing to a lightly-regarded Oregon State

"It was their night.  Our balls bounced out, theirs bounced in, it seemed every loose ball kind of bounced off our knee or out of bounds or something happened...I kept thinking with the crowd we'd get a few stops or maybe the pressure would get to them and we would come out on top, but it never did, they kept making play after play after play."

On the play of freshman point guard Roddy Peters

"He had a great game. I thought we started really sluggish against the zone...Roddy came in and was aggressive against the zone right away and they didn't help off Roddy and when he drove they stayed close to shooters and Roddy's big and strong enough to finish around the rim. He was able to make passes. I think he's getting better defensively, he's got a ways to go, but he's trying harder, he's really helping us a lot more than I thought he'd be at this you can see he's got a feel that no one else on our team really has in terms of passing the basketball. He makes passes no one else can."

On playing in front of President Obama and his family

"I thought the night went pretty smooth. I don't think our players were distracted at all. We knew for some time because Secret Service was in our building for a week. Our guys knew he was coming. I do think it helped the crowd. I just wished we could have won the game and the guys would have had a chance to meet him after the game. That would have made it more special. But we didn't. I didn't even see him, to be honest with you. I assumed we were going to win and we would meet him after the game, so I wasn't looking for him during the game."

On why his team has struggled defensively

"We think it's a mindset. Our guys know how to do it, they've done it. What we did before this game was we showed them film of our private scrimmage against Villanova and against Abilene Christian, and it was like two different teams. We showed that to hopefully motivate everyone to practice harder and play harder in the games. If we were doing it three weeks ago, why can't we do it now? Our guys just got to decide they want to be great on defense. They just have to do it as a team. They know how to do it. They've been taught. Once they decide to do it,we'll be better defensively.

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