Judge the deed, not the breed [Letter]

November 18, 2013

I am outraged that the recent commentary attacking pit bulls was ever published ("An unnatural selection," Nov. 15). I am a mother, dog owner and pit bull lover. Kids always need to come first, absolutely, but to say put bulls are inherently dangerous is the same as racial profiling.

I have owned two pit mixes that have never bitten anyone. The one I have now is probably the sweetest dog you will ever meet. He wants to be friends with anyone and anything that crosses our path. He has never been aggressive at all, not even once in his life.

Dogs that are found to have certain issues because of how they were raised shouldn't be placed in a family with kids. When adopting a pet, people should recognize their own family dynamic and choose a dog that fits with that well. Pet owners need to be responsible for their pets of all breeds. A more aggressive dog should not be put out in an alley where kids could come across it.

I absolutely think that owners should be held liable but not because pit bulls are inherently dangerous. But labeling them as such will cause thousands of wonderful animals to be euthanized in shelters just because people think every pit bull is going to attack. This is just false information made on feelings instead of facts.

I understand the writer has emotion tied up in this because his child was injured by a pit bull. That's understandable. That dog was dangerous. But once again, people should judge the deed, not the breed. Just because a person murders someone doesn't mean their whole race is bad, it means that person was bad.

Erin Peneueta

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