Not all pit bulls are bad; my dog is a sweetheart [Letter]

November 18, 2013

While I respect commentator Tony Solesky's opinions regarding pit bulls as pets, I cannot agree with them ("Making rescued pit bulls pets is an unnatural selection," Nov. 14).

I am very sorry Mr. Solesky had to deal with his child being mauled, but to place all the blame on the animal is not right. You can train any dog to be vicious, and I have had many friends who worked in veterinarians' offices say that they got bitten by smaller dogs more frequently than larger ones.

Pit bulls are just another fad for drug dealers and crooks, just like Dobermans and Rottweilers once were. Yes, they are powerful animals, but that doesn't mean that they are dangerous and vicious.

I come from a family of proud pit bull owners and own a pit bull myself. I have been to advocacy meetings to overturn the ruling that they are "inherently dangerous" animals. To single out one specific breed is unfair.

I have to deal with people who fear my dog when I take her out for a walk, even though she is the sweetest thing. She wants nothing but love and to be close to those who love her. Just because a dog is powerful and has been trained (through no fault of its own) to be aggressive doesn't mean all dogs belonging to the breed are bad animals.

You can have a nasty Chihuahua, but fact is that they are small dogs and can't do as much harm as a large dog. Why do we use German Shepherds as police dogs? They are one of the most aggressive breeds of dogs, but no one complains about them.

Just saying that all pit bulls are bad harms many good people and good animals. It was nearly impossible for me to find a place to live with my dog, and every day I see stories about people who have to give up their dogs because their landlords don't allow them as pets. It's very sad.

Ashley Dlugokeski

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