Gansler voters should check out Mizeur [Letter]

November 17, 2013

I found Dan Rodricks' column concerning the candidacy of Heather Mizeur and her selection of Rev. Delman Coates to be very interesting ("Mizeur makes smart moves as candidate for governor," Nov. 14). Recently, during a conversation regarding the candidates for governor, a friend surprised me by saying that he would probably vote for Heather Mizeur as she best reflects his views. As my friend's outlook is similar to mine, it made me file away Ms. Mizeur's name for future thought.

I had assumed that I would vote for Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, but things have happened to change my mind. I am really turned off by Mr. Brown's proposal not to tax the pensions of military retirees. He appears to be willing to buy the vote of a significant number of Marylanders. This pandering to military vets is unseemly. Why has it taken so long for Mr. Brown to come up with this idea? I agree with him on the Veterans Full Employment Act because that makes sense. He should stick with good ideas and not muddy the waters with really bad ideas.

Ms. Mizeur has proposed significant changes in taxes which should be welcome by most Marylanders. I am also impressed by Mr. Coates, as he appears to be a true leader. I think he has a bright future, and I hope that a lot of it is in Maryland.

Mr. Rodricks' column helped me gain perspective. Of course we have to deal with Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler. I have been impressed by his ability over the years, but recent events make me believe that he should withdraw from the race and take a breather and maybe come back another day. I am interested in the supporters of Mr. Gansler. I hope that they will research the positions and platform of Ms. Mizeur and will consider voting for her in the primary election.

Edward McCarey McDonnell, Baltimore

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