Former staffer tells Lollar campaign is off-track

November 17, 2013|By Michael Dresser

In the latest sign of turmoil affecting Charles County business executive Charles Lollar's Republican campaign for governor, a former campaign staffer has written an open letter imploring him to "do what it takes to get your campaign back on track."

Mike Phillips, writing to a candidate he calls someone "that I count as a friend and who used to count me as one," told Lollar in his letter that he is "sadly mistaken" if he thinks the campaign is heading in the right direction.

Phillips, who said he had resigned from the campaign, said he had witnessed "abusibe" conduct by the campaign's leadership,

"I saw behavior from your staff leadership that were mistreating other staff members, verbally abusive, lied regarding a number of campaign activities, shunned people not on the campaign who sought to volunteer, shunned those who were officially invited by you personally to join the team and effectively 'fired”'without provocation," said Phillips, whose letter was first published by Jeff's Qunton's Quinton Report blog on Maryland Republican politics.

Quinton has reported that he became a target for attacks by Lollar supporters after reporting the campaign had become a "train wreck" -- with staff defections and a web site that was off-line for several days. Quinton has publicly admitted that he pleaded guilty to a criminal charge in 2005 but said Lollar supporters had publicized the matter as a means of retaliating against him.

Phillips said Lollar supporters had "maligned,degraded, and attempted to humiliate – and quite possibly participated in libelous activities" against Quinton.

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