Obama and the 4 percent [Letter]

November 15, 2013

President Barack Obama told us that 4 percent of Americans are losing their health insurance policies because they do not comply with the Affordable Care Act. Is he trying to tell us that the entire health care bill depends on 4 percent of us losing their policies?

How is it possible that the entire ACA is going to fall apart because 4 percent of us get to independently decide what the best insurance policy is for our families? What is so special about this 4 percent?

Maybe the higher premiums they are going to pay are funding the entire bill. Or maybe 4 percent of us deciding for ourselves is a threat to those who have convinced the other 96 percent to give up their freedom of choice.

The 4 percent are hard-working Americans, many whom make too much to qualify for subsidies but not enough to afford higher premiums on policies they do not need or want. Mr. Obama doesn't need to apologize; he needs to say "I made a mistake," and then fix it.

Ron Davis, Owings Mills

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