Managing storm water and the pollution it carries vital to Bay [Letter]

November 14, 2013|Letter to The Aegis

Tuesday night's County Council Meeting in Bel Air regarding Bill 13-38 was quite interesting, informative and very important.

This issue [the storm water fee] , which revolves around the EPA's efforts to decrease pollution going into the Chesapeake Bay via our local waterways, is one we all have to come to terms with — eventually. How the government (local and state) as well as how Harford County citizens arrive at a productive solution requires work, legislatively, administratively and manually (a lot of job creation can result from these efforts).

We all know the results of improper or poorly laid-out areas with lots of impervious surfaces that, due to unexpected flooding from unexpected amounts of rainfall as a result of unexpected changes in our climate, have resulted in loss of life and property. 

We didn't always plan for the "unexpected" but we can foresee previously damaged areas that need to be fixed to prevent repeated future flooding and the eventual demise of our waterways via polluted runoff. The rain isn't going to stop, nor the flooding, so polluted runoff from storm water needs to be dealt with, sooner rather than later. 

If everyone would try to address this issue with a more open-minded and positive "can do" attitude (i.e. let's fix our local legislation to address the challenges in the state bill), they would gain more support and sincere effort from those on board who actually understand and want to fix the problem (instead of losing ground on this issue to those who prefer to whine and complain).

Those in positions to make necessary changes happen (our local government officials) should partner with interested and determined folks seeking to fix the problem, rather than joining those who wish to criticize and delay. It will also identify them as being on the path to progress in accomplishing a solution to pollution. 

Why can't Harford County be in the forefront and work hard to make this a win-win for both our county and the bay?

Julie Forbes


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