Gansler PartyGate is blown way out of proportion [Letter]

November 14, 2013

I must take exception to a letter from attorney Susan L. Burke Tuesday's Sun ("Gansler's comments reflect 'boys will be boys' culture," Nov. 12).

She questions the inherent character of Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler in reference to the (now famous) beach party at South Bethany this past summer. In my humble opinion, this one occurrence is getting blown way out of proportion.

To my knowledge, Mr. Gansler has never abused children, has never operated clandestine meth labs, and has never spent jail time as a serial rapist.

Mr. Gansler is being portrayed as a distant, uncaring father of his teen son and having no moral compass. In Ms. Burke's estimation, this lone incident should prove to Maryland residents that Mr. Gansler, supposedly devoid of any societal mores and values, is not worthy of being the next governor of our beloved state.

Please, Ms. Burke, spare me your take on this lone incident, for you apparently do not even reside in this state. Is your personal moral compass pristine and lily-white?

A more pressing concern for me deals with the hypocrisy of the person (persons) who leaked this incident to the media to pounce upon, dissect, and essentially hang Mr. Gansler out to dry. To their chagrin, Mr. Gansler is still punching.

My mind-set may be a bit convoluted, but this one incident has sealed my belief that Mr. Gansler will get my vote. I would rather vote for a man who has simply proven to me that he is a mere mortal and is therefore prone to making mistakes.

In the meantime, I don't expect the hypocrite who provided this information to reveal himself or herself. And yes, I do expect more antics like this in an attempt to denigrate the man's character. In other words, it's business as usual in the Annapolis, the Teflon-Coated Capital of the Free World.

If my fellow Marylanders would take a step back and really assess the machinations of the bigger picture, they just may have a change of heart when they go to the voting booth. To me, it's a very simple ball game; the choices are to vote for a man who has simply proven himself to be a mortal, or for more of the same behind-the-steel-curtain slippery and lowly politicking we have sadly become acclimated to in this otherwise fine state.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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