Towson forward Marcus Damas showing off long-range touch

A career 31 percent shooter, senior hitting 50 percent of his long-distance attempts

November 13, 2013|By Edward Lee, The Baltimore Sun

After a 17-point showing in which he hit three of four 3-pointers in Towson’s 95-75 rout of visiting Morgan State at SECU Arena on Tuesday night, no one would have argued if Marcus Damas wanted to chirp about his improved long-range touch.

But the senior forward kept humble. “I think it can be anybody else in here on any given day, because we’re that type of team,” he said.

If the 6-foot-7, 210-pound Damas wasn’t willing to elaborate on his shooting prowess, his teammate, sophomore point guard Jerome Hairston, was. Hairston said an arm injury prevented Damas from getting too involved in summer workouts, so Damas took throughout much of his recovery instead.

“I watched Marcus frustrated on the sideline because he couldn’t play all summer,” Hairston said. “I watched him put up shots, and that’s just hard work. I think that everybody just worked hard over the summer, especially him. I watched him for months and months and months and just struggle and struggle and struggle with his arm, but he never gave in. He always stayed strong and kept working for us.”

Damas, a career 31 percent shooter from behind the 3-point line, is hitting 50 percent from long distance (four of eight) thus far. He trails only senior guard Rafriel Guthrie (100 percent on 3-for-3 shooting) and sophomore shooting guard Four McGlynn (54.5 percent on 6-for-11 shooting) on the team.

Damas’ improvement is a welcome development for coach Pat Skerry.

“That’s a credit to him,” he said. “Hopefully, one of the trademarks of our program is work ethic. These guys get in here and get after it pretty good.”

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