Signs on Columbia pathway are waste of time and money [Letter]

November 13, 2013

I think the pathway signs are a waste of money. But since this is already a fait accompli in some areas, I would not take the time here to object, but Jan Clark, landscape architect and project manager with CA's Bureau of Community Building and Sustainability, says, "More signs will be installed over time in other sections of CA's pathway system." Granted, the cost of $12,000 at this time is but a drop in the bucket in the overall CA budget, but every little bit adds up.

I object to these signs not only because of the cost [especially the design cost of $4,600 for signs which any elementary-grade student who can spell could have done] but also because any time you introduce posts into an area to be mowed, it is an impediment to the ease of mowing.

I would suspect that there are very few walkers who actually get any benefit from these signs.

Doris Rausch


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