Registering for gifts is more complicated than you might think

November 13, 2013|By Jamie Bacon, For The Baltimore Sun

My fiancé and I kept putting off registering for gifts not because we didn’t want to but because we thought we had plenty of time. We would plan on spending the time at stores, but then other things would come up.

What Keith and I were thinking was that with our wedding still six months away, we had plenty of time. However, we weren’t thinking about how people need to plan showers that will happen well before the wedding -- and in order to do so they need to know where and when we are registered. 

We finally got a move on last week and went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Things started out a little hectic and overwhelming because that store has everything, and where do you even start? We just moved into our house last year and had a housewarming where we received a lot of basic things that homeowners would need.  We have also bought a lot ourselves over the past year so everything is still fairly new.

We had to think about what we really need and things that we may just want. Maybe we wanted to upgrade our plates and silverware or maybe it’s time to get that waffle iron that I just wasn’t ready to splurge on. It took a lot of thinking and turned out to be a longer process than I thought it would. 

Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely fun picking out things you want, but it can be a little stressful at the same time.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond was actually the easiest trip because we were starting new and fresh in the process. As we moved on to Crate and Barrel and Macy’s it got trickier because then we'd start comparing their items to ones we had already registered for and we'd have to decide which we liked better. It sometimes was hard to remember what we already got as well.  I suggest that couples working on their registries take their printed out registry lists with them when looking for registry items at a new store so the know exactly what they have and what they still need. 

Also, if it gets too stressful, take a break and go back  or you can even register online as well, which is how I think we plan on finishing the process. 

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