John Cena makes Real Americans look weak on WWE Raw

November 12, 2013|By Arda Ocal

Yesterday on this blog I wrote about John Cena giving praise to Antonio Cesaro in the ring in Munich, Germany. I talked about the differences between John Cena the human being (who is among the most charitable faces of a company anywhere) and John Cena the character (whom many people dislike because he is often portrayed as super human, often beating superstars when the odds are gravely against him).

On this week's RAW we got another example of the latter.

John Cena faced the Real Americans in a handicap tag team match. Cena overcame the 2-on-1 obstacle, including distractions from Alberto Del Rio, to win the match in convincing fashion, making Jack Swagger tap to the STF and also dodging Cesaro's wildly popular Giant Swing.

Basically, John Cena got another win his character really doesn't need, defeating a tag team that is likely poised to challenge for the a title very soon. The win isn't a necessity for Cena, but the loss makes the team look weak.

Sure, it makes sense to the story, as Del Rio got involved after the match, but that was my takeaway -- The Real Americans look weaker after this match than they did entering it.


** Big Show put Randy Orton through a table and it looked like it hurt.

** Santino was wearing horns as he and Los Matadores beat the "Union Jacks" (3MB). el Torito did not hump Santino's leg, for those curious.

** Damien Sandow beat Kofi Kingston (let's pause to remember he was a Money in the Bank briefcase-holder some 3 weeks ago).

** Curtis Axel defended his Intercontinental title successfully against Dolph Ziggler.

** Tamina beat Nikki Bella.

** Fandango beat Tyson Kidd with the same Sunset flip/reversal combination that British Bulldog used to beat Bret Hart at Summerslam 1992, also in England (as I like to point out often on Twitter, #TheLittleThings).

** R Truth beat Ryback (!!!!!)

** ADR submitted Big E Langston.

** The Shield, Wyatt Family and much of the WWE roster including CM Punk and Daniel Bryan brawled, perhaps setting up a Survivor Series match.

** It was brought to my attention that Corporate Kane looks like Bull from Night Court - here is a pic I created for comparison:

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