Pricey city water

November 11, 2013

Like all city property owners, I received a water bill last week that includes the 15 percent rate increase which went into effect on July 4 (Independence Day, perfect). The water charges (excluding sewer) are now $3.677 per 100 cubic feet. I also own a property in Baltimore County less than one mile away from the city property. The water charges there are $1.445 per 100 cubic feet. So the city water is 2.5 times as costly as the county water even though it is delivered through the same pipes from the same source and billed by the same city agency. The city water doesn't even taste better.

To be clear, this is another tax hidden in utility costs which most city residents don't know they are paying. And don't get me started on the sewer charges — that just plain stinks.

Jim Tabeling, Towson

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