Tea party offers hope for nation

November 11, 2013

I get angry when I hear the liberal Democrats and the current administration blaming the tea party for everything from the shutdown of the federal government to the reason why Obamacare isn't working. These pseudo-intellectuals and pseudo-elites think they can speak against the will of the American people and bypass the Constitution with impunity. Liberal news outlets describe tea party members as a group of ignorant, gun-toting, Confederate flag-waving idiots.

The Wall Street Journal last week had an article about tea party members that found them to be small business owners, professional people, highly-skilled, successful, middle class individuals who are more educated, more politically-involved and earn more money than average Americans.

The tea party is the an embodiment of the public's frustration with the direction our country is heading and the continued growth of government. This movement, personified by Republicans elected last November in the U.S. House of Representatives, will continue to be our last hope in restoring some semblance of what this country once stood for.

Jim Rogers, Baltimore

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