Obama has bungled Sandy recovery

November 11, 2013

Recent comments reported in The Sun referring to President Barack Obama's invisible management style should be extended to include the continuing pain of family victims of year-old Superstorm Sandy in New Jersey where in one area, Breezy Point, 385 homes burned and only 22 have been rebuilt.

President Obama managed the New York and New Jersey recovery by appointing a promising Harvard University kid to be responsible for the effort and, it would appear, left the project to run without much executive follow-through.

Outside of a public comment about one month ago that "we've got to move quickly on this," by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan, the administration's point man on the recovery efforts, we have heard nothing.

And, yes, Western Marylanders are still waiting for help from Sandy's two-foot preseason snow fall.

The customary top management process of monitoring periodic progress reports from project managers seems to be missing in the Oval Office.

Dick Huffman, Timonium

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