The candidates and domestic violence

November 11, 2013

The recent article, "Gansler, Brown clash over domestic violence proposals (Oct 29), pointed out to your readers where two candidates stand regarding domestic violence, so how about giving me an opportunity to express my thoughts on this issue?

Unfortunately, I have been a victim of domestic violence. I know first hand what it is like when a spouse hits you, spits at you, attempts to scratch your eyes and uses verbal abuse as well. My experiences from this dreadful situation serve to validate the importance of getting out of those horrendous circumstances immediately. Please go to a friend's home and ask him or her to accompany you to the police. I realize that in such cases the police often have difficulty determining which side is telling the truth. But, at least the abuser will know that he or she is being watched by law enforcement. The parties involved should then decide if they want to try counseling, but regardless of the decision, the victim must go to the police. Violence is unacceptable behavior.

In their ideas to reduce domestic violence, neither Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown nor Attorney General Douglas Gansler mentioned the fact that husbands are also victims of spousal abuse. In other words, the male is not always the one at fault.

I suffered much pain from my marital experience. Hopefully, my thoughts will help anyone in the future who has to deal with this type of situation.

Ralph Jaffe, Baltimore

The writer, a Democrat, is a candidate for governor.

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