What's Zurawik got against CBS?

November 08, 2013

Television critic David Zurawik really needs to get a life. His weekly tirades against CBS's telecasts of Baltimore Ravens games are really getting old ("Ravens fans talk back to, work around empty CBS coverage," Nov. 5).

My suggestion: If he doesn't like CBS coverage, don't watch the darn telecast. He must realize by now that CBS is going to televise the majority of Ravens games, and his constant nitpicking of every little thing is boring, boring, boring.

I have no qualms with their coverage, as I am primarily concerned with actually watching the game.

Here's another note: CBS is not going to provide a sideline reporter (many of which are quite useless in my opinion), so get over it!

Mr. Zurawik's bias against CBS galls me for another reason: I previously worked for a CBS affiliate in Texas, and I personally think they have very good play-by-play announcers and color analysts. They certainly beat having to listen to the pompous Jim Nantz, whom Mr. Zurawik obviously adores.

So please, if Mr. Zurawik can't be objective in his columns, he should do us all a favor: Find another line of work.

Lou Kordek, Bel Air

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