'Scandal' recap, 'Icarus'

  • Lisa Kudrow on "Scandal."
Lisa Kudrow on "Scandal." (Eric McCandless / ABC )
November 08, 2013|By Lauren McEwen | For The Baltimore Sun

People on the Internet may try to tell you that the most exciting thing about last night’s episode of “Scandal” was the first appearance of Olivia’s mom, Maya Lewis (played by “Treme’s” Khandi Alexander), but they are wrong.

Tonight, we got to see what 12-year-old Olivia Pope looked like, and as someone who was also a semi-nerdy, black 12-year-old girl at one point in life, I was feeling so many things, but mostly intense camaraderie. Our Olivia is reminiscing about the Last Time She Saw Her Mother Alive. Young Liv’s just reading a book (with glasses on, of course) and chomping on Fruit Loops when Maya sweeps into the room to say her goodbyes.

She’s going on a business trip, and anyone who has been watching the show, knows that this ill-fated trip will leave Olivia motherless. Maya’s left casseroles in the freezer (yuck), and kisses Olivia goodbye.

Present day: Harrison and Abby badger Huck and Jake about the newest Olivia-centric drama effecting P&A. Of course, Huck and Jake (Juck? Hake?) refuse to tell, but Abby and Harrison don’t push. They just want to make sure that Liv chooses a client: Josephine Marcus or Fitz. They just got out of a scary financial hole, and have no urge to return.

A determined Olivia sweeps past them, headed to the White House to straightforwardly ask Fitz if he killed her mother. Jake and Huck seemed shocked, but they don’t attempt to stop her.

Slimy Leo Bergen is with Sally Langston and her husband, Daniel Douglas. After Daniel leaves, Leo asks if he’s a charming frat boy, or date raper – will her husband be an asset or a hindrance? She assures him that Daniel is an asset, and they begin to outline her game plan, mainly backing away from the Religious Right, and then announcing her campaign.

In the Oval, Mellie is practically bouncing as she tells Cyrus and Fitz that Olivia is on her way. Cyrus is rightfully weirded out about all of it, making a quip about “A Greek tragedy in the making when your mistress flies to close to the sun.” But Mellie and Fitz are in agreement: Olivia wins elections.

Mellie welcomes her “home” when she comes in, which seems a bit like over-kill. Liv doesn’t answer, but asks to speak with the president alone, and Cyrus and Mellie rush to oblige.

Fitz is happy but surprised that she’s there. He says that he wants them to start over, but the time for smoochies is over. She asks him if he flew air support for Operation Remington, or flew someplace else. He says it’s her “boyfriend Jake” talking. She asks if he’s lying to her, he throws Defiance in her face, which is a straw man argument if I ever heard one.

He says he’s an open book to her when it comes to everything but Operation Remington. That conversation, she’ll have to have with to the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. It’s a highly classified operation – which means, it does not exist.

She tells him she can’t work for him and promptly leaves. If this means that they’re finally dunzo, I will be forever grateful. Olitz has lost its punch after about the third breakup.

Mellie is pissed that she begged Olivia to come back and Fitz ruined it all. If he wants to win, there is no one else, she spits. She storms out, and Fitz tells Cyrus that Liv knows about Remington – she knows everything.

Quinn’s at a gun range (*insert eye-roll here*), and shows up late to the office with everyone’s coffees. Liv returns and shocks the team by choosing Josephine Marcus’s campaign over Fitz’s – Quinn even brings up their relationship. But Olviia covers by saying Marcus could be the first female president. She wants to be on the right side of history. “White hat, people!” Olivia shouts.

“Josie” Marcus doing the media rounds – baking pies, making jokes about changing the sheets once she gets in the White House. Abby and Liv tell her that her opponents will use these kitschy clips against her.

They also need to talk about PAC money. Josie wants to do this totally grassroots, but Liv tells her she won’t win. So Josie caves and says she’ll meet the fat cats.

She’s very down home and charming – she loves corn syrup, sugar, weapons, the ocean, and ethanol – whatever the guy with the check is pushing.

Liv goes to Jake, seeking more information about Remington – about Maya’s death. She warns Jake to be careful, but he laughs in the face of danger, and leaves.

Cyrus is meeting with Rowan, telling him that Liv knows about Remington and is working for Josie Marcus. Rowan says that if Cyrus shuts down Marcus, he’ll take care of Ballard. Cyrus looks nervous, which is more ominous than any discordant music the show could ever play.

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