School input meeting times inconvenient for working people [letter to The Aegis]

November 07, 2013|Letter to The Aegis


I read your article on the small turn out specific to the Harford County Budget for the schools.  I feel compelled to respond.

Many, if not most, families in Harford County work to support their families. Parents were notified by a phone blast after 5 p.m. Nothing has been sent home in writing. What is critical to take into consideration that the Harford County Public Schools set days and times for public feedback that are not practical for working parents. As concerned as I am about the budget and the financial burden it has placed on me as a parent, I CANNOT take time away from my work day to attend.

If the Harford County Public Schools truly wanted parent, teacher and student input, they would set the meetings at a time that works for more people to attend.

Please, do not make it seem as if we are complacent; instead recognize that we are simply working and trying to feed our families. Also, please highlight the manner in which the county schools notified us and the times and days they selected.

Bernadette Mauro


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