Fire truck ads are a bright idea

November 07, 2013

I was so happy to read the article about the members of the Middle River Volunteer Fire Company raising money by selling ad space on their ladder truck ("Ads make trucks a revenue engine at Middle River Volunteer Fire Co.," Nov. 4). To say these men are heroic is an understatement. And to watch these men and others all around our state raise money all year long for the better of the community goes above and beyond their duty.

How many of us would like to have to raise additional funds for a low-paying job that constantly puts us in harms way? A fire station near me hosts birthday parties all year round, sells snow balls in the summer, pumpkins in the fall and Christmas trees around the holiday season. The ad campaign in Middle River appears to be a creative and easy way for firemen to raise the necessary funds needed. After all, we have Adopt-A-Road for state highways, and how about the stadium that sits downtown and bears the name of a bank?

So I was appalled when I read in this very same article that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was opposed to the idea in Baltimore. Why is it "not appropriate" for fire trucks to have advertisements but our stadium can be named after a bank and have ads all over the place? She needs to reconsider what is appropriate and what's not. Let her come up with more money for the fire department and then maybe, just maybe she can dictate how they raise money!

Barbara Blumberg, Baltimore

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