Schaller's blighted vision of Western Maryland

November 06, 2013

Who is this wacko Tom Schaller, and why does he harbor so much hostility toward the people of Western Maryland ("Don't secede; vote with your feet," Oct. 29)?

The fact is that the interests of Maryland's western counties are not well represented by their state government. So why shouldn't they make some noise?

Mr. Schaller labels these people as "Maryland haters." After looking up his all-too-short biography on the Internet, it turns out that Mr. Schaller himself is not a native of Maryland but rather of New York and he has lived all over. So much for his insinuated love of old Maryland.

He has also written a book where he calls for the Democratic Party to abandon its ties to the American South, or what he calls "the Confederate states."

Come on, Mr. Schaller. There are a lot of very good and nice people in the Southern states, not to mention in Western Maryland.

Mr. Schaller may be enamored with the current leadership in Annapolis and their legacy — "the Great Gambling State of Maryland" — but it might do this professor some good to take a drive out to Western Maryland, meet some of the people, and ask them what they think.

He may also want to visit the Antietam National Battlefield Park and experience the feel of the place where so many Marylanders met their end. His car would probably give him away — not because of its make or model, but by the fuzzy gambling dice hanging from its rear-view mirror.

Peter Schwab, Baltimore

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