Senior Week drinking is not news; nor Gansler's fault

November 05, 2013

The recent article, "Senior Week at beach creates havoc — and business" (Nov. 3), is a stretch on the one hand, and not news on the other. That Senior Week rowdiness and underage drinking boosts beach town business is such old news and really not news to anyone. It's always been clear to me and everyone else that the businesses and rental property owners in beach towns look the other way to rake in large piles of money during Senior Week.

Let's face it, they take advantage of these teens for their money. To suggest that Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler attending a teen party in Delaware exposed the tradition of underage drinking during Senior Week is even a bigger joke! I can't believe this phenomenon is news to The Sun or anyone else, and don't lay this on Mr. Gansler. This isn't his issue alone, it's an issue for all of society. To tag Mr. Gansler repeatedly to this issue makes me suspect of the media's agenda.

Who exactly is supplying the media with this dirt? I can only guess.

Richard Armstrong, Towson

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