Why pay for the privilege of retiring in Maryland?

November 05, 2013

My wife will be retiring in a few months, so we are currently going through the usual discussions about what is financially and emotionally best for us at this stage of our lives. As background, we're lifelong Maryland residents who are politically conservative and live in Anne Arundel County. So, in addition to the general annoyance of living in a deep blue state, we watched as our county was eviscerated by the current administration during the last redistricting.

Needless to say, Thomas F. Schaller's "move away" columns caught our attention and sparked our interest ("Don't secede; vote with your feet," Oct. 29). An important factor in our "what to do with the rest of our life" deliberation is that most of our children and grandchildren live in the greater Baltimore area, and we want to stay reasonably close. So, since we're going to downsize anyway, where to go? Cutting to the chase, southern Pennsylvania appears to fit the bill. I ran the numbers for 2012 and, considering taxes on retirement income and the difference in cost of living, we will save approximately $17,000 a year by moving about 50 miles north. And we get to live in a real two-party state.

Can anyone think of a reason why we should pay $17,000 a year for the privilege of living in Maryland? We can't.

Dennis J. Dabrowka, Glen Burnie

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