Lots of questions about Harbor Point contamination

November 05, 2013

In regard to the article, "Environment agencies delay Harbor Point work" (Nov. 1), Can you say cover-up? Can you say shady? Isn't it strange that the chromium readings are high in the area of Harbor Point?

Has no one or no agency been monitoring the area from the early days of the original capping till now? Maybe it has been high all along and it just was not known or made common knowledge. Good thing to check on The Sun's part.

Who did the last round of testing, and more importantly, who will do the next one? Will they do another round?

For a project of this stature, don't you think that the chromium monitors would have been placed more carefully, not near trees and walls? My college earth science classes always said that things like trees absorb toxins, and my physics classes say that the force of the wind hitting the walls would deflect the particles away. Maybe the installers thought the same way, but nature pulled some sort of trick. Odd things do happen.

Lastly, this whole project has been cloaked in darkness and rammed down Baltimore City and Maryland's throat through closed-door meetings and "this is what we are doing like it or not" bills that are passed for millions in tax credits and other financial sleight of hand. Isn't it logical that the new testing will be susceptible to similar activity?

The article was well done and a good start. I strongly suggest that The Sun continue to bird dog Harbor Point's development, starting with the new testing. As they say, where there is smoke there is fire, and to me (and I am sure to many other Marylanders) there is a heck of a lot of smoke on this project.

Guy Keith Salomon, Gwynn Oak

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