Let people, not politicians, write the laws

November 05, 2013

A family that takes a second and a third mortgage may be in danger of losing the family home. A nation raising its debt ceiling again and again is in danger of losing its future. I think that many people are willing to do something, but what can we do?

I recommend a process where small groups come together all over the country to simplify and clarify our laws. Let us start with the Farm Bill. Small groups could include family farmers, ranchers, a representative of an agri-business, an agricultural extension agent, a volunteer lawyer. They could look at the questions: What does the law say? How can it be simplified? How can it be clarified? What is out-of-date and needs to be eliminated or changed?

Groups could e-mail or video conference each other to come to consensus. Their final suggestion could be presented to Congress with the request that it be passed without riders. All citizens could decide that members of Congress who make additions to the will of the people should be voted out of office.

When work on the Farm Bill is accomplished, groups could look at the tax code.

Sister Susanne Bunn

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