Swallow Falls deserves a look

November 05, 2013

Like Dan Rodricks, I visited Swallow Falls recently and was absolutely amazed at what Mother Nature had wrought ("County Maryland old-growth trees among Sandy's tragic toll," Nov. 2). She is one tough mother, she gives and she takes away. I shot several dozen pictures trying to capture the scope of the devastation.

From ground level, it just looks like a bunch old trees toppled over. When you get close to the trees you see the size and age very clearly. The thing I am amazed about is that Mr. Rodricks' column is the first I have seen about this anywhere in the eastern part of the state. Oh well, it's way out there in Western Maryland, so why worry about it?

Thank you for bringing it to the attention of people living outside Western Maryland. Not that they can do much about it. The park manager is right. We'll see what Mother Nature has for the next act at Swallow Falls. We probably won't be alive to see it, but I hope people continue to visit the park and the falls. Its a great experience.

Alas, the drive is probably too long for the denizens of Baltimore and Annapolis. I bet you they would drive the three and a half hours to see their taxpayers dollars at work at Rocky Gap Casino and Resort. I wonder if any of that revenue will find itself coming back over the mountains to us overtaxed folks in the Baltimore area?

Pete Edmondo, Edgewater

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