America needs to stop trying to export democracy

November 05, 2013

Is it time for America to stop exporting "democracy"? Has Democracy reached the point of no return? Poll Americans on this issue and you find startling results. We can no longer brag and beat ourselves on the chest when we see our Congress paralyzed by extremely polarized parties and unable to reach even the smallest of compromise.

We invaded Iraq to put a democracy in the Middle East, only to find out that the main reason according to our vice president was "to kick ass" and show that we could do so. We need to get away from this notion that we are the best and trying to export something that is not there elsewhere in the world.

Democracy works best when it is truly democratic (small "d") and works to promote rightfulness through all of its citizens. Only then can we move away from the hatefulness that our so called leaders display distastefully everyday on our television screens. We need to do the right thing more consistently. The first step is in recognizing that we don't want to continue where we presently are stuck.

Raymond D. Bahr, Baltimore

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