Montana Republican displays amazing Maryland accent in political ad

November 05, 2013|By Julie Scharper, The Baltimore Sun

Matt Rosendale, a Republican running for Congress in Montana, left his native Maryland years ago.  

He was, according to his campaign web site, eager to leave the "inherent liberal socialism of the east coast."

But there's one part of Maryland that Rosendale has not left behind: the accent. 

"It is air tahm to seize the moment," Rosendale tells supporters in a political ad, as first reported by The Daily Beast.  

"I blieve we must do something to stem the tide of blOAWted, OAWverreaching, govermint grOAWth."

It's an accent we're all used to hearing at the Giant, or an O's game, or here, at Bawldimer Insider, coming from our own mouths, but there's something truly remarkable about hearing beautiful Marrilandese spoken before a backdrop of wide OAWpen range, hon. 

Rosendale honed his awesome accent growing up on the Eastern Shore, where he worked as a regional fish salesman as a young man.  

According to his web site, the first time Rosendale drove into Montana, "something truly profound happened." He saw a sign saying, "Trucks 65 Miles Per Hour, all others reasonable and prudent."

That "individualistic attitude toward society" inspired Rosendale to move his family to Montana. 

"Though I had been born in Maryland, Montana was where I truly belonged," he said.

 Your accent begs to differ, Mr. Rosendale. 

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