Baltimore's parking ticket extremism

November 04, 2013

Imagine my dismay as I was rushing out the door on my way to a morning class only to spot a $52 parking ticket on the windshield of my car. I looked all around the area where I was parked to check for any possible infractions and then looked at the ticket and was stunned to see it was for parking in a two-hour zone overnight without a proper permit. This would be understandable, except for the fact that I do have a proper permit that is registered to my car, up to date, and clearly displayed on my windshield.

Upon further review, the ticket stated, among several possible reasons, that my permit was improperly displayed. I closely inspected my permit and found that its current location, clearly displayed with no obstructions in the top left corner of the windshield of my 1997 Ford Escort station wagon, is incorrect. It should, in fact, be about 20 inches lower, in the bottom corner of my windshield.

Really, Baltimore City Parking Authority? A $52 ticket for that? I now have to take a day off from school and plead my case to a judge who hopefully has a sympathetic bone toward a financially strapped MICA student vs. a traffic cop looking to fill his quota or make a quick buck for the city. What's the deal, Baltimore City government? Are you simply trying to make up for the lost revenue from the red light cameras or is this really the way to treat the law-abiding citizens of your city?

Taylor Boren, Baltimore

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