'The Walking Dead' recap, 'Indifference'

"It was just for when it gets quiet."

  • Michonne (Danai Gurira) searches for prescription meds on "The Walking Dead"
Michonne (Danai Gurira) searches for prescription meds on… (Photo by Gene Page/AMC )
November 04, 2013|By Andrew Conrad, aconrad@tribune.com

I know I've been harping on how little has happened so far in Season 4 of "The Walking Dead," and at times that was because I was dozing off or not paying enough attention, but I was focused from start to finish during Sunday night's new episode, "Indifference," and seriously, very little happened.

First of all, only one (inconsequential) human and nine or ten zombies were butchered.

So there was a lot of dialog and character development, but if that's what I was into I would just DVR old episodes of "Guiding Light".

Most of the conflict in this episode comes from the two groups that go out on missions to find medicine that Hershel can use to treat the growing population of sick and dying in the prison. (I want to call him Harshel for some reason. "Hey Harshel, how's everything going at the prison?" "Not good," would be his reply. "Things aren't going well...")

The first group, Rick and Carol, head out for some vague reason to look for meds in a separate part of town from the second group: Bob, Daryl, Michonne and Tyreese.

Rick, whose paw is a little dinged up, and Carol still have beef from when Carol murdered and burned up Karen and David.


Carol defends herself by saying that they were going to drown on their own blood anyway, so she saved them a lot of trouble. Who is she, Jack Kevorkian?

They also share a lot of their backstory with each other. Like Carol talks about Sofia and why she was with that abusive jerk Ed. And Rick talks about how he killed Shane and how Lori used to make really nasty pancakes on Sunday mornings. Maybe they should have just gone to IHOP and ordered Red Velvet pancakes.

Just an aside: Hey Rick, you're gonna want to put that Kelty backpack over both shoulders and secure the waist belt, otherwise you're just asking for lower back problems, which is one thing you don't need on top of everything else that's going on.

When Rick and Carol meet Ana and Sam, two weird 20-somethings who were just hanging out in the upstairs room of a house that had a zombie in a nightgown in there already (??), they seem to have a bit of a power struggle over how they should handle the sitch.

Did anyone else get a good laugh when that nightgown zombie tumbled down the stairs? Its eyes were glowing an otherwordly green hue, but it was hard to be scared of that thing after it went ass over elbows down the stairs like Will Sasso in a good physical comedy pratfall sketch.

Eventually things boil over to the point where Rick is like "Hey, I can't have you just running around stabbing every Tom, Dick and Harry. You gots to go." And Carol just doesn't seem to care all that much. She tells him that he's a good leader and she's like "Rick, it's me." But it's not Season 1 Carol anymore. This new Carol is all detached and icy, like she doesn't have any feelings anymore, like she's a sociopath and she needs to hurt herself to see if she still feels.

Those were some slim pickings on those tiny tomatoes they were picking.

It was pretty touching and sad (see, I still feel) when Carol gives Rick her old watch since he lost his with Sam, and then just drives off in her Ford Escort station wagon without waving goodbye. I guess that's how it is in zombie-land. You've got to just make a decision, stand by it, and take emotion out of it.

So what will become of Carol? Can she survive on her own? I have a feeling she might catch up with the Governor...

And what is Rick going to do? He seems to be going through a real personal crisis as he drives off down the road in his new green minivan, using the center dividing line as a guide (I guess he doesn't really have to worry about oncoming traffic). He's studying his own eyes in the rear view mirror as a haunting tune plays. Thanks to The Walking Dead Wiki which identified the song as "Serpents" by Sharon Van Etten. It's a good song, but I would have chosen "Valour" by Bolt Thrower instead.

Meanwhile, the other group loots the veterinary college and finds lots of good pills that end in "-cillin" or "-cin" like C-I-N.

This other group has some drama, too, though. First Tyreese just wants to hang out and camp by the creek, and then he is being a little too reckless while fighting some zombies who were stuck in a big wall of overgrown kudzu. Michonne is slicing all of their heads and faces and arms off, but Tyreese is just hugging it out with this one zombie. Is he trying to get bit? Or maybe he just wants someone, anyone, to hold him oh-so-tight.

Michonne calls him out though. She's like "don't act the fool."

And then Tyreese is like "Check yourself baby girl, you're still hung up on trying to ice the Governor." And she's like "True, true..."

Michonne also flirts with Daryl a little bit. It's fun to play gossip girl and try to figure out who Michonne is going to hook up with. At first I thought it would be Rick, but now I'm wondering if it could be Daryl, or Tyreese, or Harshel? Ooh, I love gossip! And leftover Halloween candy.

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