'Homeland' recap, 'Still Positive'

  • Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison
Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison (Kent Smith / Showtime )
November 04, 2013|Emily Kline | For The Baltimore Sun

Still no word from Brody, but Episode 6 provided answers to the central mystery that has been bothering me since the beginning of the current season: Why should we care about Javadi?

The episode picks up precisely where we left off, and the opening scene subtly reminds us that, in "Homeland" time, less than a month has passed since the season premiere. Carrie is at the suburban golf course/estate where she is to meet with Iranian intelligence chief Javadi, while Quinn and Fara work through the night to figure out where she’s been taken. Saul is at home, licking his wounds after the disappointing hunting trip. He doesn’t seem to have the heart to fight for either his wife or the permanent CIA directorship.

Not realizing that Saul and Quinn have no idea where she is, Carrie easily maintains her composure and turns the tables on her interrogator. I know your secret, she tells Javadi, suggesting that she will expose his $44 million embezzlement scheme if he fails to cooperate with her demands. Javadi agrees to meet with Saul later in the day, and his henchmen escort Carrie off the property.

At the remote safe house where Saul, Quinn, and Fara work on this top-secret operation, Saul explains that he and Javadi have more shared history than has been revealed in prior episodes.

Saul and Javadi became friendly in the 1970s as young intelligence agents in Iran. In the chaotic days following the Iranian revolution, Saul asked Javadi to help Saul’s friends (enemies of the revolution) to leave the country. Javadi agreed to do what he could, but rather than securing their flights, he murdered the would-be emigrés and opted to work for the newly formed Khomeini government. Saul exacted revenge by helping Javadi’s wife and son escape to the United States behind Javadi’s back. So, they’re not exactly BFFs.

Carrie makes her way home and calls Saul to notify him of the meeting later in the day. Saul is unhappy that Carrie did not bring Javadi directly to him, but he agrees to the meeting. Before taking a nap, Carrie takes a quick pregnancy test.


Yep, the 40th test never lies. And judging by the dozens of plus-sign-marked sticks stockpiled in the bathroom drawer, Carrie’s known about this for a while. It’s got to be Brody’s kid! And given that it’s been about four months since she last saw him, she doesn’t have much more time to decide how to handle the pregnancy.

Speaking of Brody’s kids, Dana files name-change paperwork in order to distance herself from the infamous family name. Jessica is supportive, but the good feeling is short lived.

Before the day is over, Dana is standing by the door with a backpack and duffel bag. I’m leaving, she announces, and this time Jessica doesn’t fight her on it. Little brother stands there like a dummy, wishing the writers had given him a single line in this scene. But then it’s over, and she’s driving off with a friend.

Is Dana out of the house or off the show? I think there is still more for her to do. I could even see her working with the CIA to entrap her estranged father, if he ever gets in touch.  Case officer Dana would be fun to watch.

Quinn and Carrie drive together to the coffee shop where she and Javadi agreed to meet, but he’s not there. Using drone surveillance, Fara tracks him to a residential suburb elsewhere in Virginia. As Javadi parks outside a house and strides to the door, Fara Googles frantically to discover that the house belongs to his son (whom he presumably has not seen since 1979). We’ve seen him parked outside this lawn before, carefully watching a woman and toddler.

Javadi’s daughter-in-law answers the door; he shoots her and enters the house. He confronts his long-estranged wife, who is home to play with her grandson. Before they can reminisce, he brutally kills her with a broken bottle.

Carrie and Quinn arrive too late. The two women are already dead, the toddler crying in the next room. Saul orders them to dispose of the murder weapons, leave the toddler and remove Javadi’s car from the scene. In order words, he wants them to cover Javadi’s tracks so that the CIA can interrogate this high-profile suspect without worrying about local criminal jurisdiction.

Suddenly motherly, Carrie is reluctant to leave the child alone with his mother and grandmother’s dead bodies (awww). She need not worry; the police arrive before Saul’s fixer can clean up at the scene. The inevitable conflict between CIA and police will surely be a focus of next week’s episode.

Finally, Carrie, Quinn, and Javadi arrive at the operation safe house. Saul greets his old friend with a slug to the face. Is he losing his grip? In an interesting turn of events, Carrie seems to be managing her secrets and keeping her cool, while Saul is flailing and emotionally volatile.

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