Instant analysis of the Ravens' 24-18 loss to the Cleveland Browns

November 03, 2013|The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Sun reporters, columnists and editors give their thoughts on the Ravens' game against the Cleveland Browns in Week 9 of the NFL season.

Matt Vensel, reporter: After the Ravens were unable to dig themselves out of another hole, the season may be on the brink for the defending Super Bowl champions. It feels like the script is the same for every one of their games. They couldn't run the ball, they fell behind early and they couldn't dig themselves out of a hole. And for a third straight game, the defense couldn't get off the field late in the game. The Ravens are now 3-5 and have a razor-thin margin of error going forward.

Peter Schmuck, columnist: Well, we all thought that this game would say a lot about this Ravens team, and it did. It said that -- after spending two weeks trying to figure things out -- they still are not a very good football team, and they probably won't be extending the John Harbaugh-era playoff streak. They have fallen behind the Cleveland Browns in the AFC North standings, for God's sake. Enough said.

Ron Fritz, sports editor: Total failure in every aspect of the game for the Ravens. This was an embarrassment coming out of the bye week. What's interesting is that the Browns might have had a hand in the Ravens looking so bad. You really haven't been able to say that over the last six or seven years. It looks like a new day has dawned in the AFC North.

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