Why are underage kids drinking at high school graduation parties? Tradition, mostly

(KAL/The Baltimore Sun )
November 03, 2013

Regarding the Doug Gansler-beach party scandal, the 500-pound gorilla in the room that no one wants to talk about is the whole idea that graduating seniors should go to places like Ocean City for a week of "celebrating" ("Gansler says he made 'a mistake,'" Oct. 24)

I'm not sure why MADD or SADD or any other rational group has not taken up the cause to eliminate or curtail this event. Surely the rental people love it (especially the ones I've heard who are quick to evict and keep the money). But as a parent, I was aghast when I first learned of this practice.

Folks, this is not what people do everywhere. We know they are going to be on their own and will face many challenges (alcohol, drugs, sex). We can pretend that this is just a preliminary event for college, forgetting that at college they are mostly in dorms that are supervised.

We can pretend that "my kid didn't drink" (or worse). Still, most people just cross their fingers and hope for the best.

Jeff Tarleton, Reisterstown

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