NSA leader is totally out of touch

November 02, 2013

"There is nothing that anyone from NSA or Cyber Command has done that is wrong. From where I sit, we're doing everything we can to do this right. We hold ourselves accountable."

It might be time for the National Security Agency director Keith Alexander to come down from the ivory tower where he sits and be put out to pasture ("Director of NSA defends its methods," Nov. 1). He and his executive staff are in a world or atmosphere that is disconnected from the practical concerns of everyday life. Just ask our closest allies and their leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

I'm guessing that something wrong was done when relations between Europe and the United States have been "severely shaken" and "trust needs to be rebuilt," or does the NSA exhibit total disregard for worldly or practical affairs?

I'm sitting here wondering who is a bigger threat to my country, a terrorist 10,000 miles away or the corrupt, self-serving politicians down the road in Washington giving these cronies their marching orders?

Bill Leavy, Millersville

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