Schaller wrong to tell protesters to leave

November 01, 2013

I read with complete dismay Thomas F. Schaller's recent column about the Western Maryland Initiative and the desire of some to secede from Maryland, the great tax state ("Don't secede; vote with your feet," Oct. 29). Who better to write such a commentary urging people to leave Maryland than someone living off an income created by the politicians who run this state? As Professor Schaller was growing up, did he just run away from everything he did not like or agree with? Did he take his ball and go home if he didn't like the way the game was played? Does he teach his students to quit and go home if they don't like what he has to say? Maybe drop out if they don't agree with University of Maryland, Baltimore County's management?

What's really scary, as a father of two children, one a senior looking at colleges and another a freshman, is that Mr. Schaller teaches children. When he writes his left-leaning column for a regional newspaper, he ought to at least try to accept and understand the opinions of others. But I guess he believes it's better to quit or just make fun of the opinions of others. The only good to come out of the time it took me to read and respond to his column is that we can cross UMBC off the college choices for our children.

That's lucky for Mr. Schaller because they aren't quitters and would probably not have fit in with the professor's teaching methods and ideals. Maybe, as a mentor and academic, he may want to actually encourage his students to fight for change and for what they believe in. Just a thought from someone who has been fighting for what he believes in his whole life. My guess is he probably thinks I should move out of state, too.

Mark Hauf, White Marsh

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