The hypocrisy of Gansler's critics

November 01, 2013

I have serious concerns about Douglas Gansler as a candidate for governor, but his beach-party picture scandal is not one of them ("Gansler says he made 'a mistake,'" Oct. 24).

The vitriol being spewed toward Mr. Gansler by readers is completely ridiculous. What gives these holier-than-thou individuals the right to scrutinize a public figure's personal parenting decision?

The same people attacking Mr. Gansler for not shutting down a chaperoned party are probably failing as parents themselves. By demonizing the attorney general, these folks are simply displaying their hypocrisy and self-righteous arrogance.

Are we really to believe that most parents would have acted differently if their own child were involved? That's highly doubtful.

A recent article in The Sun stated that about 20 percent of underage college students engage in excessive drinking in Maryland. I challenge these "outraged" parents to spend less energy criticizing elected officials and more time discussing the dangers of binge drinking with their own kids.

Gregory Prush, Baltimore

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