'The Voice' recap, Last night of blind auditions

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October 08, 2013|By Tionah Lee | For The Baltimore Sun

It was the night of completes. The night for all four coaches to find the remaining talent who would join their team, and help them go on to win "The Voice." The final night of the blind auditions brought out some familiar faces -- and fighting words amongst the coaches. Going into night five coach Christina had 11 spots filled on her team; Adam and Blake each had 10; and CeeLo had 9.

Kicking off the night was Matt Cermanski. After performing what Adam called a "weird" rendition of "Teenage Dream" last season, he was sent home and told to work on his voice, come back and try again. So that's what Matt, 20, did. His performance of "Have a Little Faith in Me" got the attention of coaches Adam, Blake and CeeLo. After the excitement of going from no spins to three wore off, it was time for him to pick a team. The singer-songwriter decided to go with his roots and join team Adam. Following Matt to team Adam was Grey, a 25-year-old music student who spent her time performing in banquet halls before auditioning for the competition. Her version of "Catch My Breath" caught the attention of Adam, Blake, and CeeLo, but in the end, she decided to go with Adam -- making him the first coach of the night to complete his team.

It was time for a talent that was going to blow the judges away, and bring CeeLo back to his Christian roots. Tamara Chauniece, 23, a Texas native with a big voice, took the stage to perform the Beyonce hit "1+1." It didn't take more than one note to get coach Christina to turn her chair, who was soon followed by an eager CeeLo. After both coaches spent time complimenting her voice and beauty, it was up to Tamara to pick the team she would join. In the end, she decided to go with Team CeeLo. Following Tamara to Team CeeLo was Lupe Carroll, who automatically got CeeLo's attention with his version of "If I Were a Carpenter" an interesting song choice for a flower delivery guy.

Since this was the final night of the blind auditions, the coaches didn't have much space left to complete their teams. Keeping the "saving the best for last" mantra in mind, everyone who performed couldn't make it this season. Diego Roman Navaira, had enough energy but not enough voice to make it through with his version of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" and Dominic Scott Kay, son of the drummer behind R&B group The Commodores, sang "Easy" and just didn't have what it takes for this season.

Maybe next year they can make one of those amazing comebacks like we've seen this season.

Next up was Brandon Chase, a 20-year-old who already had his college degree by the time he was 17 and spent the early part of his birth fighting for his life, was ready again to beat the odds. Brandon's performance of "Wanted" automatically gained him a spin from Blake, while it took a little more convincing to win CeeLo over. CeeLo's smooth words were no match for Blake who was ready to take the country crooner under his wing (and willing to fight for him). In the end, it was up to Brandon, who chose to go with fellow country man Blake. Also joining Team Blake was Brian Pounds, who won over Blake and CeeLo with his performance of "Wagon Wheel." Although the other judges tried to sway Brian in the direction of Team CeeLo (talk about picking sides), Brian decided to go with Team Blake -- making him the last member of the team.

Michael Lynch, a bilingual Irishman took to the stage to wow the coaches with his performance of "Bailamos." After getting spins from Christina, CeeLo and Blake, everyone was surprised to learn that the singer taught himself Spanish and indeed had no Latin roots. However, after persuading him that he had just enough Latin flair to be on her team, Michael decided to go with Christina -- filling the final spot on her team.

In the final performance of the night, it was time for Iraq veteran Shawn "Big Sexy" Smith to take his talents from behind the bar to the big stage. His performance of "Chicken Fried" was enough to make all of the coaches turn their chairs; however, only one coach had an open spot, and that was CeeLo. After getting audience participation, CeeLo turned his chair and indeed saved one of the best talents for last -- completing his team and officially ending the blind audition portion of the show.

All four coaches believe they have the team to beat. Next week, with the help of superstar talents such as Cher, Miguel, Ryan Tedder, and Ed Sheeran, each coach will put two members of his/her team head-to-head to complete in the best part of the competition: The battle rounds.

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