Liquor board issues fines to Canton's Portside, the Chesapeake and Phillips Seafood

September 27, 2013|Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

Thursday's docket for the board of liquor license commissioners for Baltimore City was mostly concerned with infractions of the liquor board code.

Among the establishments penalized by the board, all for first-time offenses, were Canton's Portside Tavern on O'Donnell St., which was fined $625 for after-hours consumption on April 7, Phillips Seafood in the Inner Harbor, which was fined $250 for operating without a license on May 7, and the Chesapeake in Charles North, which was found guilty of extending its bar outside on July 19 and 20 Artscape without permission from the liquor board.

Elsewhere, Bill's Cafe on Holabird Avenue in Graceland Park was fined $625 for having drugs on its premises on Feb. 15, and two establishments in Washington Village, Tommy's Downtown Tavern on West Cross Street and Spiritas on Washington Boulevard, were fined $125 for operating without a license on May 7.

All penalized establishments have to a pay an additional $125 hearing cost on top of the penalty, according to liquor board chairman Stephan Fogelman.

The liquor board’s docket for Oct. 3 consists mostly of requests to transfer ownership or to add live entertainment.


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