'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' recap, 'Rule in Chaos'

  • "Blood Is Thicker Than Anything" - The twenty contestants line up during the Sept. 18 premiere episode of "Survivor: Blood vs. Water.'
"Blood Is Thicker Than Anything" - The twenty contestants… (Timothy Kuratek / CBS )
September 26, 2013|By Beth Aaltonen | For The Baltimore Sun

This episode opens with Marissa arriving at Redemption Island, and she totally knows that Gervase is the reason why she was voted out. Candice thinks that it’s because she called out Brad, and he’s already running that tribe. She’s not wrong.

The next morning, everybody at Galang is getting along; they’ve got a back-rub conga thing going on, and it’s all basically good. Which means Colton must lose his mind, because there’s too much niceness and it must stop. Monica tells him that he needs to be patient. Tina, Aras and Gervase tell him to sit on his need to talk strategy until they lose at an immunity challenge. Are they already in an alliance with him, or do they just want to not talk to him about strategy because they don’t want to be in an alliance with him? Either way, I think Old Colton is about to rear his ugly head.

Back at Tadhana, Brad is taking charge some more, and taking credit for teaching everyone to fish (well, the guys, anyways, because the women don’t matter.) Which is something that Rachel hasn’t noticed, because she thinks that alliances are "just starting to form." Umm, no, they were fully formed three days ago, and you’re not in the right one, so good luck with that.

Ciera is not impressed that Rachel is trying to get on the good side of the guys; she thinks John and Rachel are in an alliance together. No, Ciera, Rachel can just do math and realizes that the women are outnumbered. I think Rachel also realizes that Brad (who is running things) is totally that guy to form an alliance simply because they’re all guys.

It’s time for the Redemption Island Challenge, and Jeff announces that it was Marissa who was voted out, while Brad tips his hat to either Gervase or Galang in general. Wow, I’m not even liking him a little any more; he’s kind of a jerk.

Speaking of kind of a jerk, Gervase is flat out told that he’s the reason Marissa got voted out, and is given the opportunity to switch places with her. He tells her to "handle her biz." Charming, isn’t he?

The Redemption Island Challenge is one of those balance-spooley things that only someone who’s watched "Survivor" before will know what I’m talking about.  They need to feed the spools, using a long metal stick, through a course, and then balance it on the top. They need to stack 10 spools total. First two finished move on to the next part; the one who comes in last is done for this season.

Rupert and Candice take an early lead and are running neck and neck. They are working on their ninth spool when Rupert knocks almost his whole stack over. Candice hangs on and manages to finish first, and Marissa manages to stay ahead of Rupert to finish second.

And just like that, Rupert is done for this season, although I don’t trust that the producers won’t find some way to bring him back. I feel a little bad for him, because he did take a bullet for his wife, but I also know that I’m also only feeling sorry for him because I haven’t had to see him very much, so he hasn’t had a chance to irritate me.

Since Candice won, she gets to choose who she gives a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol to. Well, duh, she gives it to her husband, John.

Back at camp, John is super-proud of Candice, and also a little bit worried about how pissed-off and seemingly competent Marissa is. Then the men go for a walk and start to theorize who they could vote off based on which returning players would switch to save their loved ones. Too much thinking this early in the game.

Back at Galang, Colton is chafing under the happy happy fun times that are going on, so he’s going to singlehandedly ruin it. He goes around to everyone and starts spreading rumors. He thinks he can run this game, but I don’t think he’s as smooth as he thinks he is. He’s also not very good at keeping his cool, because when Kat talks to him about Tina saying he was over-strategizing, he pulls both of them over and loses it a bit. Then he involves the whole tribe and loses it some more.

Tyson calls it when he says that Colton came wanting to be someone else this time around in the game, and that he managed it for a day and a half. But now he’s back to over-thinking again, and he’s going to shoot himself in the foot by pissing off the wrong people.

The next morning, Colton’s wondering why the "vibe" in the camp is off. Well, Colton, it’s because you set out to ruin that vibe, and you succeeded. Aras calls him a bully and a gay Russell Hantz. Monica, Tina, Gervase, Tyson and Aras form an alliance, and agree to talk to each other first if Colton comes to them stirring anything up -- they know how he works.

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