MedImmune, UM Baltimore to make drugs together

Pair enter into 5-year, $6 million partnership

September 26, 2013|By Andrea K. Walker, The Baltimore Sun

Drug maker MedImmune and the University of Maryland, Baltimore have entered into a $6 million partnership to conduct bioscience research.

Under the five-year agreement, Gaithersburg-based MedImmune and the university will provide funding and scientists to work on joint research they hope will result in quicker development of drugs.

The research will focus on cardiovascular and metabolic disease; oncology; respiratory, inflammation and autoimmunity; and infectious disease – areas MedImmune is already strong in.

MedImmune will contribute $5 million and the university $1 million.

The University of Maryland, College Park and University of Maryland, Baltimore County are also a part of the collaboration.

The Department of Business & Economic Development will also contribute funding based on what is available during the five years.

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