The threat of radical Islam

September 25, 2013

Nothing shows the true intent of our enemies more than the horrific attacks against a Christian house of worship in Pakistan and against shoppers at a mall in Kenya ("Smoke pours from Kenya mall as forces 'close in,'" Sept. 23).

Rather than resorting to the ballot and democratic elections, the radical Islamists prey on the most defenseless to spread their reign of terror, to induce the mass exodus of Christians and destroy the nations involved.

The cowardly attacks are an indication of what radical Islam has in store for all non-believers, including women and children.

It is time that we realize and respond to such atrocities with all the force that we can muster. Otherwise we will see a mass exodus of the Christian population not only from these two nations but from all over the Middle East and much of Africa as well.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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