Covetous KAL should be banned

(KAL/Baltimore Sun )
September 24, 2013

Sun cartoonist Kevin Kallaugher should be banned. The guy is a raving communist who would impose his opinion roughshod on everyone ("The GOP plan to attack poverty," Sept. 22).

A 5 percent cut in any program is usually something that is manageable. But not according to Mr. Kallaugher. It's only the Republicans who have to destroy the living quarters of the poor and kill them with a great fall by changing the food stamp program.

This paper is not fair to poor or rich. Pastors all over Baltimore preach love to our neighbors and urge us to help one another, while The Sun actively assists Mr. Kallaugher to preach greed, envy and covetousness.

What a great society you are building! This paper went bankrupt once; why are you working hard at a second bankruptcy?

Bill Krehnbrink

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