Powerball jackpot balloons to $400 million

Massive lottery jackpots becoming more common

September 18, 2013|By Carrie Wells, The Baltimore Sun

The Powerball jackpot ballooned to $400 million after no one won the latest drawing on Saturday, the fourth time this year that lottery's jackpot has passed the $300 million mark.

Massive lottery jackpots have become more common in recent years. So far this year, a New Jersey resident netted a $338 million Powerball jackpot in March, a Florida woman won a $590 million Powerball jackpot in May, and three people in Minnesota and New Jersey split a $448 million Powerball jackpot in August.

The largest jackpot in U.S. history stands at $656 million, won in the Mega Millions lottery of March 2012. That prize was split among winners in Maryland, Kansas and Illinois.

Maryland is one of 43 states, along with Washington and the Virgin Islands, that participate in the lottery.

The next drawing will be held Wednesday.



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