The U.S. should stay out of wars we can't win

September 12, 2013

While there is a moral imperative to do something to aid the people of Syria, one also must ask what we hope to achieve by a limited strike that will result in death and devastation for many Syrians.

Will we be hailed as saviors? No. Will we bring about peace by demonstrating our military superiority? No. Will we change people's minds? No. Will we in any way advance peace in the Mideast? No.

I admire President Barack Obama for all that he has done, but he drew a line in the sand that he shouldn't have. Now he should sit back and hope the Congress will to the same.

It is terrible what is happening in the Mideast, but the United States must stop engaging in wars we cannot win. The people of the Middle East must solve their own problems. That is the only real solution.

Mike McSpaden, Catonsville

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